Hanga Roa, Rapa nui

Hanga Roa - Rapa nui

The Blue Waters at the Far End of South America

Big bay. This is the meaning in the Polynesian language of Hanga Roa, the only city, and capital of Easter Island. Chile is one of the stops on the 2020 World Cruise that will cross the world stopping off at the most important ports on the entire planet.

Inhabitants of the island ‒ there are about 3,300 ‒ live out a lifestyle of meditation and isolation in houses concentrated near Avenida Policarpo Toro, the lively main street, where you can find local craft shops, restaurants, clubs and hotels. Not far away, also in the historic center, you can also visit the Catholic church and museum that tells the story of the inhabitants from the fifth century A.D. 
Fascinating Easter Island ‒ in Polynesian, Rapa Nui, or “Rock Island” ‒ was baptized with this name by Dutchman Jacob Roggeveen who discovered it on Easter Sunday in 1722. Today, the island is best-known for its famous statues, the huge and mysterious Moai, which look out over the horizon. There are hundreds

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